Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cemetery Reads

I just finished Invisible, by Lorena McCourtney. It was a fun little book. Check it out yourself while it's still available for free for both Nook & Kindle.
Meet Ivy Malone, an inconspicuous older woman who has a mutant curiosity gene that often lands her in trouble. Unlike most women her age, she snoops and pries her gray-haired self into one hilarious escapade after another. So when vandals romp through the local cemetery, Ivy can't help but put her snooping eyes to work as she launches her own unofficial investigation.

Graveyard Communication at Lucas Countyan. Will a note left at a grave lead to family members connecting?

The Blind Pig Family Goes To Hazel Creek
and Tipper took us along. Sunrise, hymns, good food and a feeling of home.

Romancing the Stone at Countryfolk where Rhonda took the time to do the research required to identify who the broken stone belonged to - with a very happy ending!

Troops Photograph Every Arlington Grave - TIME Magazine. Interesting piece on the whys and hows. Will we ever see a database from the effort?

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  1. Invisible sounds great! Thanks for telling us about it!