Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Volney, NY

On Monday I had my first opportunity of the summer to try and fulfill some requests at Find-A-Grave. I only live a few minutes from Mt Pleasant but had never been out that way before. The cemetery is located on County Route 45 (a little west of Silk Rd), Volney, NY 13069.

The cemetery was easy to find and is on both sides of County Route 45 at the Mt Pleasant church. The area to the side and back of the church is referred to as Mt Pleasant Southern and the area on the other side of the road as Mt Pleasant Western. (Links are to the FAG page for each.) Oswego County GenWeb has a fairly complete transcription of both sections.

The Southern section has a sunny, open and pleasant look. As inviting as it seemed, all of the requests were for the Western section so I headed across the street instead. A chain link fence is less than welcoming but necessary considering how close some of the markers are to the road. I enjoyed my stroll and was able to easily walk the entire section (a very big deal for me). Sadly I found only one of the ten markers on my list.

The church is very pretty and there is a good view of the beautiful stained glass windows. The Distin/Wright and Harris monuments seem to be competing side by side. The Harris monument is zinc and has stood the weather better.

Most of the stones in the oldest section have turned dark gray and in some cases black making this part of the cemetery a bit creepy.

Back underneath the trees it was very comfortable on a hot, muggy day. It feels like there are many stones missing here - footstones but no headstones, large areas with no stones at all.

At the very back of the cemetery I was saddened to see this example of blatant vandalism. This is a a replacement stone to replace ones from the 1850's. There were a few other examples of vandalism which surprised me as this cemetery is out in the country.

I took over 125 photos on my visit and will share some others at another time.

And on my way home I encountered this fawn on County Route 45 near Silk Rd. Looks like good eats in the garden she was visiting ;-)

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  1. Hey thanks for posting this! I grew up in the area but I live about 1000 miles away now. In the last six months, both my younger sister and father passed away and this is the cemetery my other sister chose to bury them in. I was having a difficult time finding information about it, and this is perfect. Thanks again.